Publishers Clearing House and Alliant Celebrate DMA2011

Check this out! Alliant have just released a video of their session at DMA2011, but don’t think of this as something you missed out on last year, get inspired to come this year instead! Last year, this session was so popular with our attendees that we invited both Alliant and Publishers Clearing House back with an update to add to the DMA2012 program!
And this clip also gives me a good reason to tell you all about DMA’s Knowledge Center! If you come to DMA2012 – you will have access to recordings of most of the sessions that happen at the Conference. So if you’re one of those people that can’t be in two places at once, there’s now no need – you can go to one session and then check out the other(s) you missed later in the privacy of your own home/desk/seat on the plane.


2 thoughts on “Publishers Clearing House and Alliant Celebrate DMA2011

  1. Here’s the Alliant-PCH-Meredith session preview for DMA2012 in Las Vegas — see you there!

    “Harder-Working Models: Scoring Consumers To Achieve Multiple Business Objectives”

    All consumer marketers seek optimal performance from their acquisition, reactivation and retention marketing efforts. This presentation will provide case studies of brands that successfully leverage performance scores across the customer relationship and across media channels to drive dramatic increases in both marketing objectives and profit. Examples of successful programs demonstrated will include: Acquisition Optimization – Using scores to determine optimal offers, identify low-responding and/or low paying segments to be dropped from mailings or qualify responders for fulfillment; List Mining for Incremental Mail Volume – Qualify expansion segments for promotion from prospect databases, continuation lists, marginal lists, list-level models and remail strategies; Dynamic Offer Selection – Score new orders and leads to identify optimal price points, payment terms and premiums to increase conversion and lifetime value; and, Retention/Reactivation Optimization – Maximize ROI from retention efforts and qualify names for reactivation. By dynamic scoring, harder-working models can be implemented throughout the lifecycle of a consumer and across all media channels with success.

    – How to define objectives and stage data to build a Lifecycle model
    – How to apply scores to optimize acquisition, retention and offers
    – How to validate tests and refine usage across marketing objectives

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