DMA2012’s David Danziger on Descriptive Data

In a recent article featured on, Director of Consumer Targeting and Append Products at Acxiom, David Danziger, insists that “multidimensional insight”— the descriptive, demographic data like your marital status, income, and lifestyle interests — is a fundamental element of the direct marketing channel, despite an ever-growing belief to the contrary. In today’s new media world, it’s often all to easy to disregard that which is not searchable, clickable, or purchasable online and many marketers are quick to turn a blind eye to seemingly worthless descriptive data. When combined with an individual’s buying clues, however, this offline data becomes an incredibly powerful tool, allowing marketers to deliver more tailored offers and messages to potential customers. Interested in learning more? Check out the entire article HERE. Better yet, join David at the annual DMA2012 Conference & Exhibition this October in Las Vegas! His presentation, “Navigating the Data Maze,” will offer an insightful look at the issues governing traditional and new sources of data and promises to be a sure hit— you don’t want to miss it! REGISTER NOW for DMA2012!


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