In Search of Better Search!

When he sat down to chat with us at DMA HQ, CEO of Location3 Media and DMA2012 speaker Andrew Beckman swiftly ended our search for significant, reliable information on, yupp, you guessed it, search. Andrew says search is an ever-evolving medium, and search engines like Google are constantly revamping their results pages just to keep up. Watch this video to learn more, like why the integration of social channels within search is becoming paramount. So, you’re new to search marketing? Or just want to revamp your company’s SEO campaign? Our advice to you: start collecting your search concerns and queries now and join Andrew and his Location3 Media team at DMA2012. Andrew is putting on a complete day of Search on the Monday of DMA2012 – he starts off with a session, adds in an Ask the Experts Roundtable, and has his team available all day long to offer custom advice to help you improve your search visibility during our One-to-One Labs! Make sure you book an appointment to get the best advice on your very own search challenges.


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