Forget the Magic 8-Ball… Thad Kubis Knows the Future

No need to consult your magic 8-ball, we can tell you what the future of marketing looks like. Our recent chat with DMA2012 speaker Thad Kubis – Media Convergence Evangelist at NAK Integrated Marketing- confirmed that media convergence is at the forefront – and is the future – of direct marketing. In this video, Thad explains what we mean when we throw around those two words, and why understanding the computing content of communication is so important. Thad believes there are no companies that have mastered the art and science of media convergence just yet, but he says some are well on their way. Want to know which ones? Watch the video to find out! Better yet, join Thad on Monday, 10/15 at our Ask the Experts Roundtables, where he’ll offer up expert advice to help you benefit and profit from media convergence.


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