Don’t sweat it! Why measuring customer engagement just got easier

Almost every marketer today is focused on customer experience, and wants to understand how engaged customers are with their brand. However, when it comes to measuring customer engagement most companies fall short because it’s no easy task. Most marketers either adopt static point-in-time approaches which are ineffective, and/or develop complex metrics to measure engagement, which tends to be cumbersome and deters action.

Join DMA2012 speakers Aldo Agostinelli, Snapfish Head of Customer Management, and Niren Sirohi, iKnowtion VP Predictive Analytics, on 10/15 when they present How Snapfish Used Engagement Analytics to Improve ROI. You’ll learn how Snapfish developed a simple, visual, and dynamic approach to measuring customer engagement. They’ll even take you through a case study that focuses on the use of customer engagement patterns, how these patterns were developed, and how the insights provided not only drove business growth and improved ROI, but also helped the company transform their marketing organization to one that is truly customer centric and organized around the customer; something many talk about but few are able to accomplish. Hungry for more? Check out their white paper, Customer Engagement Pattern Analytics, and don’t forget to come out and hear them speak at DMA2012!


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