DMA2012 Innovation Awards: 7 Innovations That’ll Make You Say WOW

Curious about the year’s most innovative advancements in marketing technology? Sure you are, you’re a forward-thinking marketer, dedicated to staying abreast of the latest developments in the marketing industry! So join us at DMA2012 as we salute, celebrate, and recognize seven incredible marketing campaigns- Sunday, October 14th from 4:00-5:00pm in the Innovation Awards Pavilion, within the DMA Village! Learn more about the 2012 DMA Innovation Awards here, and see below for highlights on our Digital Media Marketing category winner, FreeMonee! If you haven’t registered for DMA2012 yet, hop on it! Only two weeks until the conference, sign-up now!  

FreeMonee: The Power of the Gift
The FreeMonee Gift Network generates Customers On-Demand for stores and restaurants looking to profitably increase sales—delivering the type of customers they want to attract, when they want them, with the scale necessary to impact their business. FreeMonee Gifts are cash incentives delivered to millions of people every week through the bankcards they already use to make purchases. What sets FreeMonee apart from other marketing programs is the first-of-its kind consumer incentive—the FreeMonee Gift that directs money into the hands of consumers to spend at merchants with no strings attached.

Giving unencumbered cash gifts is only possible because of FreeMonee’s proprietary Gift Underwriting Engine. This unique underwriting technology uses enriched, anonymized data about how people spend to ensure gifts are compelling to consumers and deliver a profitable sale for retailers.

The result is significantly higher return on investment than marketers get from traditional coupons and promotions. FreeMonee clients are welcoming more customers with visit lift of 500–800 percent, and an average of 500 percent return on ad spend.

FreeMonee created its gift to serve a massive unmet need among marketers and set a new standard in consumer incentives —eliminating the vast inefficiencies of the $300 billion couponing and direct marketing spend.

FreeMonee Gifts have proven to efficiently deliver incremental, profitable new sales at the scale its national clients require, establishing FreeMonee as a company that will fundamentally change the economics of advertising forever.

FreeMonee believes a gift is always going to win. A gift creates the mindset to spend, while a coupon puts the consumer in a mindset to save. Retailers benefit by generating profitable, incremental sales on demand; financial institutions benefit by creating top-of-wallet behavior; and consumers benefit by receiving an irresistible gift to their favorite places.


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