DMA2012: Unleash your Creative Energy

Carol Worthington-Levy is Creative Director at Worthington-Levy Creative, a San Jose, CA based creative agency- and a speaker who’s wearing many hats at DMA2012! Not only will she take part in our Ask-the-Experts Roundtables on 10/15, offering her creative expertise to those whose creative departments need some TLC, she’ll teach us the art of How to Sell Mundane Products on 10/16 as part of our Creative & Production track. Carol will even stick around for our Post-Conference Certification Program, we’re she’ll help you advance your career by earning a DMA-recognized certification. Register NOW for DMA2012, before it’s too late!

Carol was among a group of contributors in a book just published by NAPCO titled Design Formats for Boosting Direct Mail Response. Learn more about the publication and order your own copy here!


One thought on “DMA2012: Unleash your Creative Energy

  1. Very excited to be part of this awesome DMA lineup. This is a conference that will provide enormous value. There is not a single attendee who can’t leave with an idea that immediately pays for the conference through improvement in the improved ROI of their marketing efforts.

    PS: For those looking at copywriting sessions, don’t miss the amazing Herschell Gordon Lewis’ Master Class – an invaluable set of sessions by one of the most respected and interesting writers in the industry.

    And after that, don’t miss my session on Copywriting and Salesmanship –

    Have a rockin’ conference!

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