DMA2012: Not Just 6 Days in October!

Long-time DMA partners, SAS, have just published a fantastic post about DMA2012 on their blog. As regular readers to this blog have probably figured out, we don’t see DMA2012 as just 6 days in October, we’re here 365 days a year with videos, FlashCons, webinars, posts, interviews and more. And we will continue to do the same– and look for new ways to add to our arsenal! – right after DMA2012 is done. John Balla, the author of the post, works hard every year to find great marketing stories wherever they are, just like we do at DMA HQ, and the results pay off, not just for us and SAS, but for you – global real-time marketers looking for ways to get ahead! So, thanks to John for the write up – and if you want to see what we mean about the stories check out Scott Stratten, Jim Foreman, Steve Whittington or the Pre-Conference workshop on Real-Time Analytics at DMA2012!


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