For the love of… Coffee?

Ryan Joe, Senior Editor at Direct Marketing News, is on the money when he says nothing unites overworked Americans like their love of coffee. And it’s so true- nothing quite hits the spot like a steaming cup of Joe when you feel like the stack of paperwork on your desk keeps getting bigger. But how often do you consider the marketing campaigns put-forth by your preferred coffee house? Ever think it’s their marketing that keeps you coming back for more, not just the taste? Check out this article published by Direct Marketing News, which compares the marketing plans of two popular coffee chains- Peet’s Coffee & Tea and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Hear what Ken Fitzgerald, DMA2012 speaker and Executive Creative Director at Catalyst, has to say about the two, and then join him at DMA2012 for our Town Square Discussions. The Direct Marketing News team will be there, too! They’ve worked especially hard and closely with us to develop our Town Square program, where attendees can gather to discuss important marketing matters in an open and collaborative environment. Register NOW for DMA2012– we promise, there’ll be coffee! (Use discount code AN508 for $250 off)


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