Viral in Vegas

So, are you a downloader or an uploader when it comes to online videos? Are you part of the 50% of people who watch online videos everyday, or the 34% who post the videos? Perhaps you watch exclusively from YouTube, like 84.2% of people do. But you probably don’t comment or rate the videos you watch, right? Only 13% of us do. Cool stats, no?  There’s plenty more where those came from, thanks to Alphabird, the company that allows video content producers to engage a guaranteed target audience with their video. Check out their infographic below, which highlights many more stats associated with online video consumption. And if you want to know which marketing techniques can make your video go viral, you’ll join Christopher Roy Correa, Vice President, Communications and Public Relations at Alphabird, during our Ask-the-Experts Roundtables on 10/15! DMA2012 is just a week away- miss it and you’ll be sad you did. Register now and get $250 off using blog code AN508.



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