#DMA2012 Las Vegas: Choice Voices from D

#DMA2012 Las Vegas: Choice Voices from Day One: 

Rich Walker, Managing Director, Winterberry Group: “Marketers do not need more data.  They need better ways to leverage, connect and win with the data they already have!”

Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, Mobile Marketing Association: “Only twenty percent of the world is online today, and future growth will come for mobile.  Today, mobile budgets are only 1/7th as large as they should be based on where people are spending time.  Mobile marketing spending today works harder than other dollars. A phone isn’t a phone anymore – it’s a map, a calendar, a video player, an alarm clock, and email and text machine…”

Don Peppers, Founder, Peppers & Rodgers Group: “We are now in a world where consumers demand extreme trust, and that demands ethical business practices.  Extreme trust is a great disinfectant.  It hurts like hell at first, and kills bad things, but it removes infections.  Today, there is a huge opportunity for brands to run to extreme trust: to aim to be the most trusted brand.”


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