It’s Amazing What Marketers Can Know

I love marketing!  I love that marketers have an opportunity to create truly tailored customer experiences.  However, we must constantly discipline ourselves to listen to the data, not the echo chamber in our own heads or marketing departments.

Just think of the possibilities if you used some of the data that Infogroup mentions in their seat drop this morning….

  • Heavy coupon users are more likely to be early adopters of technology.
  • Highly educated liberals tend to enjoy more foreign vacation destinations.
  • Viewers of pay-per-view sports are not likely to invest in annuities, stocks, life insurance or high value securities.
  • In general, NASCAR fans are safety and security conscious, but they are not impulse buyers nor are they fans of diet or organic foods.

Thanks, Infogroup!

-Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Relations, The DMA


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