What’s Working in Email

DMA Board of Directors member Jay Schwedelson, President & CEO of Worldata presented on what is working in email and digital marketing.   Jay is in a good position to know, as his company transmits one billion email messages annually along with 20,000 multi channel campaigns for customers each year.

Follow Jay via @worldata, and here are some highlights:

– Email is mobile messaging.  48% of primary email opens occur on a device.

– The age of the finger.  Typical adult fingers cover 45 pixels on a mobile screen.  Jay recommends having 15+ pixels of white space around every link.

– In Page Analytics from Google is a great tool for understanding the page “fold” and what content is accessible and visible to different users.

– Email messages that do not use ALT tags for relevant information take a 14% hit on response rates.  Wow – that is an amazing opporutnity for boosting response with a simple additoin to your HTML.

Want more?  Chief Marketer magazine did a nice write up of the session with more facts and ideas.

Thanks, Jay (@worldata), for a great and popular session!

-Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Services, The DMA


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