Generation Disrupt

The indomitable Jeffrey Hayzlett (former Kodak CMO) (follow @jeffreyhayzlett) led a great panel of digital luminaries to close out the main program for DMA Annual 2012.  Panelists:

  • Stephen Arthur, Google
  • Jeff Ragovin, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Jared Blank, Tommy Hilfinger
  • Elizabeth Francis, Gilt Groupe
  • Aladsair Lloyd-Jones, Big Spaceship

The goal was to talk about what is most disruptive about digital and direct marketing today.  In the spirit of disruption, here are some of the most tweeted comments:

RT @B2EDirect: With over a billion smart phones, you need to think about the marketing mobile perspective.

RT @rypearson: Alasdair Lloyd-Jones of Big Spaceship – Design your mobile marketing to fit human behavior, not just marketing goals alone

RT @Rachel_N_Thomas: RT @AgenceSTJOHNS: Today your family is 100 people because of social network so tone of message needs to be different

RT @brenda_haines: Gilt: You are missing the boat if you are not thinking mobile first.

RT @PowerPlayz: Phone is the most personal device ever! You know more where your phone is than your kids!

RT @MicheleJKiss: We’ve screwed up some marketing channels (e.g. emails.) We can’t screw up mobile!

RT @Lumaz: A brand is like a living organism – it has to have a voice, attitudes, values – be human, so it can develop human relationships

RT @Rachel_N_Thomas: RT @rypearson: Blank of Tommy Hilfiger – What does “on brand” mean?  Are marketers sometimes battling own brands 2 meet objectives?

RT @KendraInIowa: “If you are a marketer your best friend should be your CTO, CIO and General Council.”- Elizabeth Francis, CMO @giltgroupe

RT @PuffDanny1: Francis: As marketers, with things changing so quickly, collaborating. Future is much more collaborating with other dept.

RT @StephanieSAM: Love that the panel today encourages us to fail but LEARN from failure.  Incubate ideas.  Move fast but with customer centricity.

RT @AgenceSTJOHNS: We need to be more creative on the content side Google

RT @santistrasser: “Behavior first.” “You are interrupting a conversation.”

RT @PuffDanny1: Lloyd-Jones: When marketing message goes into your social circle/mobile, need a different tone. Desktop/mobile very different.

RT @bryanyeager: Hayzlett thinks foursquare check-ins and promotions are “weird”. Difference between his generation, my generation

Check out all the twitter love from the conference via #DMA2012.

See you in Chicago for DMA2013!

– Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Relations, the DMA


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