The Work Hard-Play Hard DMA Annual Ethic

Ryan Phelan of Blue Hornet-Digital River, a good DMA member and a leader of our Email Experience Council, presents one view of DMA experience in his out-of-office reply this week.  Thanks for the visuals, Ryan!  I should stop shivering from it in a few hours…..



(OOTO 10/13 – 10/18) – Guess what?  I am out of the office again….SHOCKING!  In today’s episode, we find our hero walking out of the Hall of Justice, dressed in shorts, I love Barry Manilow t-shirt, Pawn Stars hat and flip-flops heading to the airport on his way to Vegas for a week of drin….I mean, a super hero DMA conference on the effect of kryptonite as a fuel source and possible lighting source in Tiki Torches.  There will be no partying or networking for our hero.  Just responsible meetings and….ok, let’s be serious.  You’re not going to hear from our hero for a few days. Hope the Zombie Apocalypse does not start.  Climbing into his Shaguar, our hero speeds off, Barry Manilow blaring against the morning fog.


– Stephanie Miller, VP, Member Relations, the DMA


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